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Tarste Company Mill

Big Events

Company Events:

August 2009 Tarste has officially changed name to TTGM International (USA) Inc., and moved to new office at 11211 Katy Freeway Suite 240, Houston, Texas 77079.
Nov.2007 Kelly Pipe Co. is long term partner with Tarste/TTGM, November 2007 Kelly Pipe Co. visited Tarste to discuss further cooperation

October 2007 TTGM chairman Mr. Sun and export manager visited U.A.E., Russia and Saudi Arabic countries to evaluate further marketing development

Jun.2007 TDP was founded under TTGM in Moscow, Russia
May.2007 Tarste/TTGM paticipated OTC 07'in Houston Texas U.S.A.
Sep.2006 Our Canadian exclusive sales agent Mannesmann Co. visited TTGM and top rated our factory
Jun.2006 Tarste was founded in Houston Texas USA

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  Heat Treatment  
  Pipe Forging  
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Product Innovation

Type Specification Quantity/Year Estimated Time
Drill Pipe 2 3/8" - 6 5/8", EXGS 25,000 MT Feb/2008
Friction Weld 2 3/8" - 6 5/8", EXGS 25,000 MT Feb/2008
Hard-Bend Weld 2 3/8" - 6 5/8", EXGS 25,000 MT Feb/2008
Heat Treatment 7" - 13 3/8" Pipes and Couplings 150,000 MT Feb/2008
Upsetting 2 3/8" - 4 1/2" End and Body upsetting // July/2008
Pipe Making 7" - 13 3/8" // Dec/2009



11211 Katy Freeway Suite 240, Houston, Texas 77079 USA

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